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We make strong efforts to keep your data secure, and to prevent bad agents from accessing the Membership areas. See our Privacy Policy.

Member Behavior

Our Moderator team works hard to cultivate a supportive, nurturing environment. We expect you to carry your member interactions with sincerity, dignity and compassion. Personal attacks toward other members are not tolerated in this community. Disagreements are always a possibility. Explaining one’s position, explaining why one disagrees with another’s position, is acceptable in human discourse. Ad hominem attacks, negative characterizations of other members, goading, are all considered violations of our Rules of Conduct and may result in an account termination. 

We expect members to be kind, courteous and considerate toward one another. As the lowest bar of propriety, we expect members to treat one another with civility.


Instances of bullying will result in swift measures, including termination of a member’s account.

Photographic images 

As in any online community, users are likely to share photographic images. These images may represent the users themselves, their friends and loved ones, or other people. 

We discourage members of our community from posting pictures of other people. We encourage members to always check with their acquaintances and friends prior to uploading their photos to social media of any kind.

Sharing Member Images

Our community frowns upon the downloading or re-sharing of images uploaded by other members. That said, it is important for every member to be cognizant that this is a possibility on the internet, and to share their images, or not share them, with this in mind. 

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