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You’re Not Alone!

Join a global sex-positive community of women



Join a global community of hundreds of adventurous, inquisitive, and bold women. Share insights, compare opinions and life experiences, and connect with new friends.



Sex education, consent culture, feminism, diversity & inclusion, communication and so much more. Recorded courses, taught in video & text format, as well as synchronous, immersive workshops.



Experience sensory immersion events that explore positive human connection, led by trained facilitators in an envelope of safety, respect, and consent.

Meet Cassie Brighter

Our Founder: Sex educator, Writer & Public Speaker

Hi, I’m your host, Cassie Brighter – Writer & Public Speaker.

For the last four years, I’ve been in leadership positions in several sex-positive communities, and I’ve been leading courses and workshops on sexuality, consent, gender diversity, and relationships.

I wanted to create a space just for women and fem-leaning non-binary folx. The purpose of this website is to help you decrease/eradicate your sexual shame and body shame, and to help you find true sensual/sexual enjoyment and pleasure. We’re also here to have a few laughs, to build community together, and to make new friends.

In this strange time, the community is important. Let’s help each other find community here.

Please show up with vulnerability, empathy, and compassion – and ready to practice kindness and non-violent communication.

“A place to speak freely.”

I love it gives us a place to speak freely about things that please us and things that upset us. It is wonderful!


“I can already tell this is a good group.”

I’m brand new but I can already tell this is a good group. Honest and Frank discussions about lots of topics. I’m loving it and YOU’RE doing a superb job!


“A safe space to be who they are”

I respect your courage, your commitment, and your passion to provide women a safe space to be who they are, there is nothing sexier than watching someone be authentic to themselves and their desires. Bless your cotton socks 😘


“It brings women of all ages, races, sexual orientations, etc. from across the globe together.”

It brings women of all ages, races, sexual orientations, etc. from across the globe together. Here we can learn new things and share our thoughts and feelings. We are encouraged to be ourselves and feel good about ourselves. Be open-minded. Thank you for that. 😁


“I can not articulate how much this group has helped me already”

Thank you so much! I can not articulate how much this group has helped me already ❤


“I love the openness here”

I love the openness here. It’s raw sometimes, but perfectly so. Thanks for letting us come along for the ride.

Master Skills & Gain Confidence

Imagine how much better sex can be when having the skills and understand your own body.

12 Lessons

Sexual Consent & Personal Boundaries

Our culture is experiencing a seismic shift, from courtship culture (which has nuances of salesmanship, coercion and potential deniability) towards Consent Culture (rooted in open disclosure, mutual collaboration and informed consent). The main trouble with courtship culture is that it allows for rape culture to continue unabated. The lines between flirting and coercion get blurred, the lines between romance and gaslighting get missed, the lines between ambiguity and victimization get blurred. Consent Culture is an adjustment for many. But it's a much healthier model for dealing with social, romantic and sexual interactions. This course covers the basics of Sexual Consent & Personal Boundaries.

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